Test Facilities



  1. Virtual ATG Demo - Virtual ATG is software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 that simulates the operation of 5 common ATG leak detection systems on your computer. The software produces an image of an ATG console on the computer. A mouse is then used to press the buttons and operate the Virtual ATG just as you would do for a real system.  The software can be used to easily train anyone to operate the ATG's. Quizzes for each Virtual ATG are used to train you to operate the system efficiently. Also, user manuals and certifications that can be viewed, searched, and printed are available for the Veeder-Root systems.
  2. Tank Calculator Deluxe -Contains Tank, Pipeline, and Delivery Temperature Calculators.  If you download and install this you don't need the individual versions of the Tank and Pipeline Leak Calculators that are listed below.  The size of this download is about the same as that of the tank calculator by itself.
  3. Tank Calculator - Use this software tool (shareware) to calculate the product volume for horizontal and vertical tanks by inputting the tank diameter, length, and product level.  Also, tank charts can be generated for any of the afore mentioned tank shapes at any unit increment.  Easily convert from English to Metric units and vice-versa.  Calculate the gross or net volume of any tank with most any product type based on the tank dimensions, product level, and product temperature.
  4. Pipeline Leak Calculator - Use this software to calculate EPA equivalent leak rates for pipeline leak rates at various pressures. This software is most useful for pipeline leak detection manufacturers or consultants.