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If you would like to post a technical leak detection related article to this site please send it to info@kwaleak.com with a message stating that you'd like to post it. If you can attach the article to the message in electronic format (pdf, wpd, doc, txt) etc. we will do our best to add a link to it from this page. We'll try to keep this area rather informal - we welcome any topics related to UST's, pipelines, leak detection, petroleum, etc.

  1. Excel spreadsheets setup for UST operators to store their monthly SIR data. Contributed by Steve Berning of Accurate Tank Technologies, Inc. in response to a request made by a member of the leaklist (10/10/02).
  2. The PERMEATOR is designed to prevent the venting of volatile organic compounds (VOCís) and the resulting product loss from retail gasoline storage tanks, Arid Technologies, January 2000. Adobe Acrobat Version (pdf) pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes) - 260Kb or Microsoft Word Version (doc) - 1.3 Mb
  3. EARTHQUAKE DATA - KWA was logging magnetostrictive probe data in San Diego during the 7.2 magnitude Havic Lake Earthquake that occurred October 6, 1999.  View the effects this quake had on the product in a 50,000 gallon tank that was approximately 185 miles away.
  4. The Analysis of the Unaccounted or Lost Gasoline Vapor in the UST (Memo), Sam Gordji, July 20, 1998. Adobe Acrobat Version (pdf) pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes) or Microsoft Word Version (doc)
  5. Description of Technical Diagnostics project. The Project envisages the development and production of new generation hi-tech correlation-acoustic versatile Portable and Stationary Systems intended for leak detection and pinpointing of fluids, gases, multi-phase media in ordinary and double containment pipelines of all sorts including: supply and main; metallic and non-metallic; under-ground, under-water and non-hidden, in open spaces, in towns and ,industrial plants and inside buildings. Adobe Acrobat Version (pdf) pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes) or Microsoft Word Version (doc)
  6. PE&T interviews Ken Wilcox - Candid Comments from a Leak Detective,pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes) Kally Fraser, Petroleum Equipment and Technology Magazine, July/August 1997.
  7. Third-Party Test Results of Pipeline Leak Detectors,pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes) Jeff Wilcox, Petroleum Equipment and Technology Magazine, May/June 1997.
  8. Finite element analysis of USTs (Memo), Sam Gordji, January 8, 1998.pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes)
    This memo provides some interesting technical information related to the effects of tank truck loading on USTs.
  9. Summary of NWGLDE Listed Pipeline Leak Detector Headings
    Technical Information Provided to Petroleum Equipment & Technology Magazine for May/June 1997 Issue, Jeff Wilcox, Ken Wilcox Associates, Inc. The information in this document is more detailed and technical than the article that was published in the magazine. Adobe Acrobat Version (pdf) pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes) or Web Page Version (html)
  10. Risk Assessment Program of Underground Storage Tank Systems, Presented by GS Holt at the IIR Corrosion Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 24 - 26, 1997.
    This paper describes the Risk Assessment Program (RAP) developed by the South African (SA) Oil Industry Corrosion Control Group (OICCG) for the testing of Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems such as those found at retail and consumer sites.
    Adobe Acrobat Version (pdf)
    pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes) or Microsoft Word Version (doc)
  11. Some European Perspectives on Prevention of Leaks from Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (pdf), pdf_tiny.gif (130 bytes)
    Marcel Moreau, 1987.
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