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Leak Detector Evaluation Protocols

A complete set of protocols is available on the Leak Detection 2000 CD-ROM.  Most of the protocols below were not available at the time that Leak Detection 2000 CD-ROM was being developed and can be downloaded from here.

  1. DRAFT of Test Procedure for the Evaluation of Double Wall Pipe With Liquid Filled Interstice for Loss Prevention, May 27, 2003,
    This document describes the testing that can be conducted on liquid filled interstitial monitors. This makes it possible for users, regulators and other interested parties to evaluate the performance of the leak detector and to compare its performance with other similar methods. The results of this evaluation may be applied to any system that monitors the liquid level in a reservoir attached to the annular space of double wall pipe.
  2. Mass-Based Leak Detection Systems for Aboveground Storage Tanks Larger than 50,000 gallons, November 2002,
    Although the document is dated November 2002, it was first made publicly available March 3, 2003 after undergoing a peer review by industry.
    This document provides an evaluation procedure that may be used for mass-based leak detection systems designed for Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs). There is not an official federal protocol for testing AST leak detection equipment. The procedures described in this document have incorporated many of the procedures contained in the EPA protocols for evaluating leak detectors for smaller underground storage tanks...
  3. Evaluation of Systems Used for Testing of Secondary Containment Vessels (Draft Version dated October 24, 2001), Microsoft Word Format
    This document provides procedures that may be used to conduct leak detection tests on systems that are designed to detect leaks in dispenser sumps and turbine pits. The capacity of these sumps is generally of the order of a few hundred gallons. Since there is no official protocol for testing these sumps, it has been necessary to develop an alternate protocol, incorporating as many of the features as possible from the EPA protocols for evaluating leak detectors for smaller tanks. The primary motivation for this protocol is to provide an independent evaluation of methods developed specifically to meet the requirements of California SB 989 for determining the tightness of sumps.

  4. Proposed Method for Testing Vacuum Interstitial Monitors (April 27, 2001), Microsoft Word Format
    This draft of a new protocol describes the general concepts of how we think that an evaluation of a vacuum interstitial monitoring system could be conducted. It is not meant to be a complete protocol yet, but most of the technical details are there. If anyone who reviews this feels that it needs to include some additional testing or that any of the concepts are incorrect now would be a good time to let us know. If you do not have time or interest in reviewing this document, do not feel that you need to respond.

    After this opportunity for comment has been completed we will polish it up, add a cover and some disclaimers, thank those who contributed, and send it to Jack Quigley for peer review. If any of you know anyone who might be willing to serve as a reviewer, either for low pay or no pay, let us know. Vendors are welcome to review and comment on the protocol. The peer review should probably be conducted by persons with no vested interest in the testing. Peer reviewers should have some expertise with vacuum testing and leak detection if possible.

  5. Probe Comparison Protocol (March 27, 2000 Version) - Test Procedures for Comparison of Different ATGS Probes (PDF)

  6. Bulk Field Constructed Tank Evaluation Protocol (November 2000 Version) - Test Procedures for Comparison of Leak Detection Methods used on Bulk Field-Constructed Tanks (PDF)  

  7. CITLDS Evaluation Protocol (January 7, 2000 Version) - Test Procedures for Evaluating Continuous In-Tank Leak Detection Systems (PDF)

  8. Video Camera Inspection DocumentSept. 99 version) - Recommended Practice for Inspecting Buried Lined Steel Tanks Using a Video Camera (PDF)
  9. Vacuum Interstitial Monitor for Tanks (Sept. 96 version)